Brighton Conference: Court reform strengthens Europe’s Human Rights system, says Thorbjørn Jagland

19.04.2012 – Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland today welcomed moves to reform the European human rights system and challenged the organisation’s 47 member states to tackle remaining shortcomings.

Reform “has strengthened the role and authority of the European Court of Human Rights” Mr Jagland told a conference on the future of the Court in Brighton, UK. States now needed to step up to the challenges of improving implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights at national level and making sure they acted quickly and effectively on the Court’s judgements so as to both meet their obligations and cut the Court’s backlog by putting a stop to repetitive applications.

“Effective human rights protection starts at home. The meaning of the Court was never to take over responsibility of the national courts,” he stated.

“Member states have themselves freely chosen to submit to an international judicial control mechanism, because they are deeply convinced that this is a vital safeguard for democracy, freedom and peace across our continent…. Basic human rights do not come from any majority or any authority. They come from the fact that we are all human beings and that every nation has an obligation to uphold these rights by law. ,” he added. (more…)

- Brighton declaration on the future of the European Court of Human Rights

- Speech by Thorbjørn Jagland

- Speech by Sir Nicolas Bratza

- Speech by Jean-Claude Mignon

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