The Court’s HUDOC case-law database wins Honorary Recognition Award

The Court’s recently launched case-law database HUDOC Recognition Award at the Global Architecture Excellence Awards ceremony in Bangalore, India, on 25 July 2012. The judges awarded HUDOC this prize due to HUDOC’s “significant impact on the organization and society at large”.

The HUDOC case-law data base is the main interface between the Court and legal professionals. It now offers users many new features and new content has been added such as legal summaries of more significant cases. An additional importance category has been created to enable users to focus their search on cases selected for the Court’s official Reports. Documents can be downloaded in both Word and PDF format and users can create their own specific RSS line feeds.

To access the new system please click on the following link:

As was recently stressed at the High Level Conference held in Brighton in April 2012, more effective national implementation of the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the European Convention of Human Rights and the Court’s case-law is key not only to improving human rights protection in Europe generally but also to reducing the Court’s heavy case-load to reasonable proportions. One significant aspect of this is making available to the national courts the relevant case-law, preferably in a language which they understand. The Court is currently engaged in a programme to translate key judgments into languages other than the two official languages of the Council of Europe (English and French) and to make them accessible via HUDOC. Some 1,500 translations into 21 languages have already been included in the database.

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