Supervision of execution of Court’s judgments: encouraging results

Architecte / Architect : Richard Rogers Partnership

Strasbourg, 02.04.2014 – The Committee of Ministers today made public the annual report for 2013 on its supervision of the execution of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. In accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights, the Committee of … More

Czech Republic: urgent action needed to protect Roma from racist extremism

Nils Muižnieks

Strasbourg, 14 March, 2014 – “I am deeply concerned about the emerging pattern of anti-Roma events in the Czech Republic – many led by racist extremists groups and organised simultaneously in different localities across the country. Their increased frequency and … More

Interim measure granted in inter-State case brought by Ukraine against Russia


Strasbourg, 14 March 2014 – On 13 March 2014 the Government of Ukraine lodged an inter-State application under Article 33 (Inter-State cases) of the European Convention on Human Rights against the Russian Federation. They also submitted a request under Rule 39 of … More

Hate speech against women should be specifically tackled

Malala Yousafzai

Strasbourg, 6 March 2014 – “In May 2013, a campaign led notably by Women, Action and the Media and the Everyday Sexism Project attracted global public attention to the issue of social media content promoting violence against women. Such content … More

Ukraine: judicial reforms and fight against impunity are necessary to improve human rights protection

Nils Muižnieks

Strasbourg, 4 March 2014 –  “The dramatic events that have been unfolding in Ukraine since November 2013 brought to the fore a number of long-standing, core human rights challenges that the Government has to address, in particular as regards the … More

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