Child labour in Europe: persisting challenge


Strasbourg, 20.08.13 – “Many observers thought that child labour was a thing of the past in Europe. However, there are strong indications that child labour remains a serious problem and that it might be growing in the wake of the … More

Human Rights Court looks into criminal proceedings against former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko


Strasbourg, 15.07.2013 – The European Court of Human Rights has communicated to the Ukrainian Government the second application Tymoshenko v. Ukraine and requested it to submit its observations on the complaints. The case is the application brought by the former … More

Racism and intolerance: Council of Europe reports on Finland, Portugal and San Marino


Strasbourg, 09.07.2013 – The Council of Europe’s anti-racism body, ECRI, has expressed concerns about the situation of several vulnerable groups in Finland, legislation on citizenship and the absence of comprehensive laws to fight discrimination in San Marino, and about the … More

2013 World Forum for Democracy


Strasbourg, 04.07.2013 – Is democracy in crisis? Judging by the sometimes record levels of voter abstention, public distrust of leaders – fed by increasing numbers of corruption scandals – and the rise in anti-system parties, the gap between institutions and … More

Court of Human Rights reform: opening for signature of Protocol No. 15

Architecte / Architect : Richard Rogers Partnership

Strasbourg, 24.06.2013 – Protocol No. 15 amending the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was opened for signature by member states at a ceremony held today at the Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg. According to … More

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