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Manual on human rights education with young people

Compass is a manual on human rights education providing youth leaders, teachers and other educators, whether professionals or volunteers, with concrete ideas and practical activities to engage, involve and motivate young people to form a positive awareness of human rights in their own ways and in their own communities.

This educational guide presents a wide range of approaches of themes and methods, that should inspire anyone interested in human rights, democracy and citizenship. This guide also provides a series of 49 sheets for complete practical activities, proposing a detailled framework for working activities at school as well as related multiple texts and documents.


Manual on human rights education for children

‘Compasito’ is a starting point for educators, teachers and trainers who are ready to deal with human rights education with children of 7-13 years.

The 42 practical activities serve to engage and motivate children to recognise human rights issues in their own environment. They help children to develop critical thinking, responsibility and a sense of justice, and help them learn how to take action to contribute to the betterment of their school or community.

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