Human Rights factsheets

These worksheets, which are both theoretical and practical, are a dynamic resource to help teachers foster an awareness of human rights among their pupils.

The “theory” section describes, in simplified terms, the Convention and the way the European Court of Human Rights operates.  It also explains what the Council of Europe does. Nine activity sheets, each one focusing on a particular article of the Convention, are designed to get pupils thinking about the rights that must be guaranteed in a democratic society.

The “practical” section suggests various human-rights-related analysis, research and discussion exercises and activities. The various simplified “case studies” are designed to enable pupils to become familiar with legal issues and to understand how the Court operates.

The teaching resources contained in this pack will enable young people, helped by their teachers, to be in a better position to acquire practical knowledge of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe.

    Download the factsheets (PDF format)

Factsheets are also available (in PDF format) in French, German, Italian, Russian, Catalan, Polish, Albanian and Turkish.

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