Individual measures

A State condemned by the European Court of Human Rights is obliged to adopt individual measures such as a restitution or the re-opening of the procedure. The Court may also order the State to pay the applicant a sum of money as “just satisfaction”, in that the money in question serves as compensation and erases the consequences for the victim.

- in Azerbaijan, an applicant who had been wrongfully dismissed was reinstated

- in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an applicant’s savings were restored to her

- in Bulgaria, the Principal State Prosecutor asked for the re-opening of a trial, judged to be unfair

- in Croatia, an applicant was given back his passport, held by the authorities

- in Cyprus, an applicant was able to vote

- in the Czech Republic, an applicant was awarded a retirement pension that had been suspended

- in Finland, parents were able to give their son the name of their choice, which had been rejected by the authorities

- in Georgia, an applicant who had been arbitrarily detained was released

- in Germany, the father of a child born out of wedlock and abandoned by his mother was granted custody

- in Greece, applicants were able to open a school

- in Hungary, a historian was granted access to classified documents

- in Latvia, an applicant detained in conditions unsuited to his age (84 years) was released

- in Lithuania, data relating to an applicant were erased from the list of foreigners forbidden to reside in the country

- in Moldova, a church was recognised and registered

- in Montenegro, the person unlawfully occupying the applicant’s apartment was evicted

- in Poland, the record of an applicant’s conviction for libel was erased

- in Portugal, a father was once more allowed to see his son

- in Romania, former owners of nationalised properties were able to recover their assets or receive compensation

- in the Russian Federation, an applicant was granted citizenship

- in the Slovak Republic, an applicant was able to challenge a paternity decision

- in Switzerland, a father was able to find his child, taken by the child’s mother and kept concealed in Mozambique

- in Turkey, bans on political activities imposed on members of dissolved parties were lifted

- in the United Kingdom, an applicant was acknowledged as being the victim of chemical tests during his military service and, as a result, his pension was increased.

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