General measures

When the European Court of Human Rights finds a violation, the country in question often has to take compliance measures and to amend parts of its legislation. The Court’s judgments also lead to frequent evolutions of national tribunals’ case-law.

- Austria ended the monopoly applying to television

- Belgium amended its laws on homeless people and adopted measures to prohibit any discrimination against children born outside marriage

- Bulgaria created an alternative to military service for conscientious objectors

- Croatia introduced an effective remedy against the excessive length of court proceedings

- the Czech Republic passed a new bankruptcy law

- Denmark extended the right not to belong to a trade union

- Finland amended its law on child custody and visiting rights

- France, Spain and the United Kingdom passed laws on telephone tapping

- Germany gave celebrities a greater right not to have their private photographs published

- Greece improved detention conditions for foreigners awaiting deportation

- Hungary introduced fairer decision-making with regard to prolongation of remand in custody

- Ireland decriminalised homosexual acts

Italy made it compulsory for defence lawyers to appear before the Court of Cassation

- Latvia abolished discriminatory language tests for election candidates

- Moldova recognised freedom of religion

- the Netherlands amended its legislation on the detention of patients with mental illnesses

- Poland introduced an effective compensation system for certain persons whose property had been expropriated following the Second World War

Romania cancelled provisions making it possible to annul final court decisions

- the Russian Federation improved the provision of social welfare for the victims of Chernobyl

- the Slovak Republic amended its legislation on child placement

- Slovenia took measures to prevent ill-treatment by the police

- Sweden amended its provisions on public trials

Switzerland reviewed its criminal court system and criminal procedures

- Turkey abolished the presence of military judges in state security courts

Ukraine amended its libel legislation

- the United Kingdom banned corporal punishment in schools.

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