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This site provides materials and tools for education on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The materials have been developed to be used in the training of the judiciary. They may also be of interest to other (legal) professionals working in the field of human rights. The site aims to support a community of human rights trainers in Europe.

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This portal is designed to give access to the public information sources at the European Court of Human Rights. It contains the HUDOC database (decisions, judgments and advisory opinions of the Court, resolutions of the Committee of Ministers), case-law information notes, communicated cases (statements of facts and complaints, as presented by the applicant, and the questions put by the Court) and the press releases issued by the Registry since 1 January 1999.

Practical guides to the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights

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Written by experts in the field, each handbook deals with one aspect of the European Convention on Human Rights or its protocols. The handbooks are intended as a very practical guide to how particular articles of the European Convention on Human Rights have been applied and interpreted by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. They were written with legal practitioners, and particularly judges, in mind, but are accessible also to other interested readers.

Thematic information sheets on the Court’s case-law

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The factsheets deal with various themes such as the situation of the Roma, the rights of homosexuals, prison conditions and environmental rights. They include both decided cases and pending applications. The information sheets will be revised so as to keep up with case-law developments and more will be added. This initiative is part of the implementation of the action plan adopted at the Interlaken Conference.

Practical impact of the Council of Europe monitoring mechanisms in improving respect for human rights and the rule of law in member states

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