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The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Personal Liberties in the European Union is the very first council in Europe of its kind. The cornerstone principles of all of the organizations regular activities is outlined within our mission statement. It was originally created and adopted in 1950, however, it would take a few more years until it would enter into full force in September of the year 1953. Formal consent in the way of signing the contract agreement is required as a prior condition for joining the organization

The European Court of Human RIghts (ECHR) is the most advanced system of international protection of civil and political freedoms.The ECHR has been designated as the enforcement body of the Human Rights Convention of the Council of Europe (COE). Citizens of European nations are able to bring their grievances in regards to any violation of their human rights to the Strasbourg Court (also known as Cour européenne des droits de l'homme in French). Generally, the complaint or protest would only escalate to this point once all the prospects of appealing the case have been completely depleted or used up in the individuals country of origin. The new legislation being proposed will create an option for over 830 million European citizens to explore legal action options that would have not been available to them previously.

Our rights

The Convention protects the right to life, security, freedom of thought and expression, to marry… it prohibits torture, death penalty, discrimination, slavery…

Landmark judgments

The Court’s case-law has turned the Convention into a dynamic and powerful tool for dealing with new challenges and strengthening the rule of law and democracy in Europe.

Reference texts

Now discover the Convention, through its preparatory work, its additional protocols and its simplified version.

EU accession to the Convention

The accession of the European Union to the Convention, which became a legal obligation under the Treaty of Lisbon, constitutes a major step in the development of human rights in Europe.

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The 2021 Human Rights Convention Presentation will be cancelled next year due to COVID-19.

It is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform the European public as well as our global annual participants that this year's European Convention on Human Rights annual presentation will be cancelled due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. We will try to resume regular activities starting in the year 2022, however, we cannot promise anything yet. If you would like to keep updated on the status of the hiatus, please subscribe to our newsletter.

In 2020, we featured a one-of-a-kind presentation with the leaders of online adult entertainment showcasing the effects of online pornography on human rights, as well as highlighting the corporate responsibility of the companies involved who are fighting to mitigate the negative effects of the porn industry as a whole. We will be offering a virtual conference consisting of international corporate CEOs, and high level government officials who will continue last year's talks. We will also be touching topics such as the mental health and wellness of women who appear in pornographic films, whether by choice, or if they were a victim of human trafficking. We will post the recorded videos from our virtual conference on our YouTube channel within a few days of the virtual conference call. If you haven't done so already, now would be a great time to subscribe to our YouTube channel or like us on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Speaker for the Year 2022 Human Rights Convention Kick-Off Presentation: Andres Costilla Founder and CEO of Free Sex Page

Welcome to the Human Rights Convention homepage. As we wrap up another great year of progress and wins for the citizens of Europe, we're excited to begin a new year, with new goals and aspirations. We know we've done well, but we also know we can continue to do even better.

Our beginning of the year kick-off event will include a number of prominent and influential speakers of our time, who advocate the rights of human beings not only in Europe, but all over the world on a daily basis throughout their work.

We are proud to present our headline speaker, Andres Costilla, the founder and CEO of Free Sex Page, a global free dating site with a focus primarily on casual encounters. His company also owns other adult entertainment properties, and is a proud supporter of human rights movements all over the world. Andres believes in free love and that all humans should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and have the right to freedom of expression.

His company's main competitors in the casual online dating market primarily consists of other adult entertainment destinations and social networks, some of which have even been publicly traded. Most of these other networks, however, refuse to allow users from countries where many human rights are restricted.

Although Andres' company is widely accepted and has become a popular destination for young people who are looking to have a fun, casual time, there are many countries in the world where women can be executed for attempting to participate within this platform.

In many countries around the world today, women can receive the death penalty for engaging in premarital sexual activities. We believe that adultery as a criminal offence violates women’s human rights and everybody in every country should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies, and choose who they want to have sex with, whether or not they are married.

Since the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, sex work has seen a gigantic surge in popularity. Platforms such as OnlyFans have seen huge growth, boasting over 200,000 new registrations per day since the pandemic began.

Amid the controversy, this past August, OnlyFans has announced a site-wide ban on sexually explicit content. Only days since the shocking announcement, other contenders in the space have popped up, seeminlgy overnight to take the place of the popular adult entertainment destination.

This year, Mr. Costilla will be discussing the wide implications of at-home sex work, highlighting the pros and cons of the boom, as well as what it means to the movement of human rights in the controversial online adult entertainment space.

Join us next year during our virtual event as we unveil our plan to continue the fight for a more equal world, with equal rights and freedoms for everyone!

Just Announced: 2023 Human Rights Convention in Brussels, Belgium November 21st through November 24th

We're happy to announce that we have officially scheduled the 2023 Human Rights Convention. Join us in person starting November 21st, 2023 through November 24, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. We'll be continuing the discussion on the effects of the adult entertainment industry on human rights, and how advances in technology in the video game industry, combined with co-operative efforts with the pornography business continue to threaten the youth of Europe today, as well as human rights activists fighting for a censorship-free internet.

In the past, we've had adult industry CEOs and other key people involved with the adult entertainment industry explain how they're doing their part to maintain social responsibility in addition to abiding by all regulations. A lot of the issues we've faced in the past have been addressed and have active solutions that are actually in progress and even in the process of being implemented in some regions.

What happens when the sex industry targets young people through acting as a trojan horse through the video game industry?

The Importance of Addressing the Hypergrowth of Sexual Content in Video Games and the Impact on Human Rights in the European Union

While sexual content has been a staple in video games since the early days of it's inception, it is only recently that we've seen the explosive growth of highly explicit pornographic content in video games easily accessible through common channels.

We'll be debating the hot topic of the fine line between censorship and freedom of speech when it comes to content that is obviously inappropriate for younger people.

On one side, we have the law abiding, age of majority who feel they should have easy access to all types of content including video games which contain adult-only imagery. On the other side, we have groups who encourage censorship and feel that persons who have reached the age of majority and wish to access adult video games, should have to jump through age verification hoops in order to obtain access to platforms.

At least half of the population believes that this form of censorship is actually a violation of free speech and human rights, and that users who don't wish to access certain material should make their own measures to block access.

If you'd like to partake in, or listen to the debate, join us live next year in Belgium, or watch the live stream online. Enable notifications to be alerted when we publish the convention schedule and live broadcast link.